Today is sofar when photographers were a fan of an SLR camera But nowadays wanted to know about Mirrorless camera.Yes, this is a common factor people test and preference are continuously change as per technical growth, especially in the Digital world.Before 10 -15 years people are still want to buy his/her professional SLR camera, and as per development of digital camera to electronic camera, people don’t even want to know about SLR.But the technology of lighting for photography sens, till now camera works in the same process to capture a photo.So, I mean there are no differences between of photo capturing process in this SLR, DSLR, and Mirrorless camera.In this 3 camera, which light came from the object, camera sensor catch the photo and send for saving on (SLR>Plastic Film, DSLR and Mirrorless>SD card) there output storage space.

From the above passage, you will find some similarities between this 3 camera, but it’s my duty to not only make my words understand for viewers inside of clear all confusion.

So, let’s start the main object of this article.I am going to tell you what type of new Uncommon technology used between DSLR and Mirrorless Camera.

  • Mirror: This is the first point where Mirrorless camera and DSLR camera are physically different.Yes, as the name of the mirrorless camera there is no mirror in a mirrorless camera. In DSLR and SLR camera there is a mirror which helps reflect the light to the Penta lens to make a clear view through the viewfinder.Where without Mirror, the sensor catches the light which came from the main object.Let’s take a look at next point to know the difference clearly.
  • View Finder: VF denotes Viewfinder where this is a 2nd thing which makes Mirrorless Camera as physically advance from DSLR camera.In DSLR camera there is a mirror and it helps to make quick optical view through Penta lens to the Viewfinder.So, this is OVF or Optical Viewfinder as this viewfinder taking help of Penta lens to give a clear optic view without taking help of electronic.Here is a main physical difference in Mirrorless camera due to no mirror, the light came directly to the lens and the photo transfer electronically to the View Finder which known as EVS or Electronic View Finder.
  • Camera Size & Weight: This is one of the best point which makes size difference and changes the test for the buyers. As there is no mirror in Mirrorless camera and the space of the mirror is totally nill, which makes this camera to a compact small size camera with approx same features of DSLR camera.For the EVF there is no Penta lens and no mirror also, Mirrorless camera become lightweight.This compact size and lightweight features make the mirrorless camera to next level where photographer want this type of camera for their professional use instead of DSLR.So it makes sense that in the mirrorless camera you don’t have to compromise DSLR features as the weight of DSLR Camera.DSLR camera is much weighty and bigger than Mirrorless camera.
  • Power of camera: This is also a noticeable point where processing power and battery power a DSLR camera is much higher of his more space for larger battery and larger sensor.You have to carry an extra battery for same capacity of a single battery of DSLR camera and processing power of a mirrorless camera also slower than DSLR.
  • Image Stabilizer: Image stabilizer is the best important thing to capture a photo for a wildlife photographer.Somewhere you could not find place attach a tripod and object from your captured photo become blurred.So, as we know there are many good and costly lens for DSLR with image stabilizer feature.But, there is no lens is made for Mirrorless camera.Because it has inbuilt image stabilizer in the mirrorless camera body.You just have to get a correct adapter from the market and connect any lens with Mirrorless camera.You don’t have to spend extra money for stabilizing image.
  • Price: Price of a mirrorless camera generally little less than a DSLR camera.As is has no expenses for a mirror, Penta lens, and heavy battery.

This is the differences that all I have noticed between DSLR and Mirrorless camera. I hope you enjoy a lot and gain some idea form this article.Nowadays some features of DSLR hasbeen inclued in mirrorless camera and some features of Mirrorless camera has been inclued in DSLR camera.So, there are laterally no strong differance in this Mirrorless and DSLR camera.Hope in few years they will be same, but DSLR camera is not going down easily.


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