US intelligence officers utilized Twitter to send “almost a dozen” coded messages into a spy who promised to have in his possession the National Security Agency (NSA) information stolen from the hacking group Named Shadow Agents, the press reported.

The tweets were shipped throughout 2017 and allegedly, the NSA officials could inform the Russian to anticipate public tweets beforehand.

The tweets would look plain into a lay man but they had been coded messages to indicate an intent to generate contact or to prove that it had been involved and was receptive to additional conversations together with the touch, Engadget reported on 9 February.

Some tweets were the customary self-promotion and many others were historical details, like observing the 177th anniversary of the telegraph patent.

The NSA reportedly paid approximately $100,000 into the Russian in hopes of regaining Shadow Agents information, but cut the bargain once he rather introduced information claiming to associate US President Donald Trump and partners to Russia.



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