At a glimpse of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, a Florida resident’s Apple AirPod (right bud) caught fire and exploded, the press reported.
Apple AirPods. Reuters

“Jason Colon of Tampa, Florida was listening to a dance mix at LA Fitness in St. Petersburg when he noticed something strange.

“He saw white smoke billowing out and abandoned the AirPods on a piece of workout equipment and got help,” NBC-affiliated channel WFLA-TV reported on 9 February.

“I did not see it happen, but I believe, it was fried! You can see fire damage,” Colon was quoted as saying by the station.

It’s not clear what caused the incident but Apple is said to be exploring.

Notably, this is not the first time that the favorite apparatus has gone up in flames.

At least half a dozen cases of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus batteries swelling and mobiles left split-apart were reported in October 2017.

The first case was reported in Taiwan where a woman discovered her iPhone 8 swollen and in 2 bits after plugging it in to charge.

In 2016, Samsung remembered Galaxy Note 7 after some devices caught fire due to a defect in the batteries.


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